Why can you rely on our expertise?

We have now been working successfully for you on the market for 10 years.

We specialise in translations in medical technology, pharmaceuticals, life science and laboratory technology.

If you need translations that are delivered on time, are accurate and read well, you should get in touch with us.

Languages are our passion, translations are our profession.

Meet the two people who founded transcada:

The chief project manager
Zsolt Balogh: I was born in Hungary in 1981. When I was six years old my father was offered a job in Bolzano, South Tyrol. That’s where I grew up speaking German, and I learnt Italian and English at school.

So I spoke four languages: German, Italian, Hungarian and English and choosing translation as a profession was an obvious step. After passing my school-leaving exams I moved to Munich, the capital of Bavaria, to study at university.

Even before graduating I used to create and maintain translation memories for various translation agencies to pay my way. After graduation, my first job was as a project manager in a medical translation agency. At the same time I was training to become a technical editor, and this is why I later moved to Lake Constance to work for a well-known technical documentation company.

I have been running transcada for 10 years now, and my first priority is what is most valuable to us - our customers and our translators. I still have a real passion for project management.
The multi-tasker
Stefanie Balogh: I started my career at a large university hospital, but soon afterwards I gave up my steady job to go to London as an au pair. While I was there, I took several English courses at Westminster Kingsway College. On returning to Germany, in January 2002 I came across a job advertisement by the medical translation agency where I would later meet Zsolt, who is now my business partner.

After 4 years as a project manager I moved to a well-established medical technology company. As a member of the quality management department I organised medical product licensing all over the world. This gave me an insight into various ISO standards, the German Medical Products Act and the development, manufacture and licensing of medical products. I also needed translations for the licensing procedures, which meant that I got to know what is important to a customer of a translation agency: reliability, flexibility and high quality.

Finally, in 2009 I founded transcada, and now work as the company’s ”multi-tasker”, dealing mainly with sales, marketing, QM and bookkeeping.


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