From translation straight to the printer.

We provide your translation in the layout program InDesign.

  • No more wasting time with copy & paste.
  • We send print-ready InDesign translations straight to your desk.

InDesign foreign language typesetting.
Here are your options:

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


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Option 1: INDD

You provide us with the complete InDesign data:
  • the InDesign file (INDD)
  • the fonts
  • the links (graphics)
We optimise the data for the translator, and once the work has been done we automatically implement the translation into the InDesign layout.

The translator then checks the laid-out translation in PDF format, and this forms the basis of the print-ready version of your translation.

You have nothing more to do.
  • Gives your company a professional profile
  • Translation and layout in a single process
  • Significantly cuts the time your graphic designer or advertising agency needs to spend
  • No time-consuming copy & paste
  • The final foreign-language layout is checked by the translator
  • Considerable cost savings

Option 2: IDML

You give us the interchange format IDML: don’t worry! Your graphic designer knows what we are talking about. In this case, your graphic designer produces the interchange format which our translator then translates in SDL Trados Studio.
We send you back the foreign-language IDML, which your graphic designer integrates into InDesign.

Make the most of our workflow!

Option 3: PDF

PDF file of your InDesign document:
You provide us with the PDF file of your InDesign document and get the translation back in Word.
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