DIN EN ISO 17100

We operate according to the strict requirements of the international standard for translation service providers: ISO 17100.

This is checked and confirmed by experts from “Austrian Standards International”. The auditors have relevant knowledge and experience of the translation industry and know exactly where to look to potentially touch a sore point.
For example, we only use specialist translators who meet, and generally even surpass, the requirements laid down by ISO 17100 for translators and revisors.

Because of our focus on quality and customer satisfaction, we are proud to be able to apply the “Language Industry Certification System” (LICS) label to all our work.

It testifies that at transcada, we meet the requirements of the international standard for translation service providers.

All our translators are specialists in one of our four fields.

They include people who used to work as doctors, chemists, laboratory operatives or technicians.

For legal material such as contracts or terms and conditions we call on the know-how of translators who are familiar with the terminology of legal texts.
This is why our translator database includes lawyers, for example. But all our translators have one thing in common:

Many years or decades of professional experience and fulfilling our requirements before we add them to our database and work with them.


DIN EN ISO 17100
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