Never again pay for the same text more than once.

Save cash thanks to our Translation Memories.

  • You get all repetitions, context matches and 100% matches for free!
  • You benefit from quicker turnarounds.
  • You boost quality because of consistent wording and terminology.
“Please read the instructions for use before using the applicator”. Imagine that this note appears in six of your surgical manuals. Naturally you would like this sentence to be translated the same way in each of the six documents, and would prefer not to pay six times for the translation of this single sentence.

Then get the most out of our Translation Memories!

We make sure that the sentence is translated the same way in all six surgical manuals, while only charging you the full price once. This applies to all the languages you need.

To show you what we mean we have created a 3-minute video that explains the use and benefits of our TMs in an entertaining way.

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Translation Memory
Perfectly translated – that’s how transcada works with translation memories.

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